Monday, April 11, 2005

Blogs That Are Unique

Have you ever heard professional people ask, "How could a blog benefit my business? What would I do with a blog? Why do I need to consider having a blog? What would I blog about?"

The following unusual and special interest blogs prove the point: any business can use a blog. Note that these are not all business blogs. I've included blogs on philosophy, science fiction stories, cartoons, ham radio, free expression rights, biology, art, bird watching, etc.

I don't endorse every blog listed, nor do I approve of every aspect of them. Some may even deviate in some ways from usability and blogology guidelines.

These blogs are simply here to serve as examples of adventurous blogging in unexpected terrain. It's my hope that this interesting variety of blogs will inspire you.

Just take a few moments to visit them and see what you think, see how they're using a blog for their specific purposes. It could be very eye-opening and in some cases (e.g., The Home Depot Bet Blog), rather amusing.

Unusual Blogs: Examples of Innovation

Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence

10,000 Birds

World's Dullest Blog

Cigars in the Sand

Drug War Rant

A Police Chief's Weblog: Chief Dan Carlson

A Fire Chief's Blog: Chief George Esbensen

The Blog from City Hall: City Manager Scott Neal

Ad Rants


A Seismology Log

Real Climate

Boing Boing


Wo's Weblog

Log Blog

A Gag Reflex

The Home Depot Bet Blog

Pesky the Rat

Lambda the Ultimate


The Rambler Musicology


Epistemic Frontiers Project

Milo Vermeulen Photoblog

Fides Quaerens Intellectum

AKMA Disseminary


Global Multimedia Protocols Group



Bag and Baggage

Green Cine Daily

The Red Couch

Cosmos Blogmos

Art Test Explosion

KB6NU's Ham Radio Blog

Jerz Literacy Blog

Simon Waldman/Guardian Newspaper


I hope you enjoyed checking out these blogs. Perhaps you discovered a few to bookmark as favorites. Maybe you even have decided to write a post about one on your own blog.

Come up with your own list of Unique Blogs and email it to me.

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This attack against my blogs will not succeed--and I will retaliate.

The attackers don't know what weapons I have at my disposal, but they're about to find out soon.

WARNING to All Cyber Vandal Comment Spammers: I strongly suggest you refrain from looking into laser with remaining eye!]

[signed] Steven Streight
aka Vaspers the Grate

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