Tuesday, October 12, 2004

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New Mexico Guitarist said...

Had never heard of Jaques; Hey Steven, did you go to New Collage (FL)? Because I never heard of Deconstructionism, either, until I went down there. In fact to this day i have an extremely FUZZY concept of what deconstructionism is; though now I can at least use it in a sentence. The two possible paths concept seems really messy to me.

steven edward streight said...

Deconstruction is a mode of analysis whereby you seek to discover the inconsistencies within a text or series of texts by an author.

Thus, Jacques Derrida pitted Freud against Freud, Hegel against Hegel, Husserl against Husserl, and so on.

He closely read texts by authors he admired, but wanted to see where their systems broke down, thereby revealing hidden agendas unknown, perhaps, to the authors themselves.

It is fun to read Derrida, don't worry about how deep and complex his books are, he starts to grow on you, and you become far more questioning and critical of all the garbage that is thrown at you politically, religiously, philosophically, commercially, etc.

He investigates weird concepts buried in stuffy philosophical writings.

No, I didn't go to that college.

How did you find this site? Thanks for the comment, just moments after I posted this poster.