Saturday, October 02, 2004

Earthlink Scores Big: TV, Web, Core Values

Earthlink Woman w/Orbiting Globular Object Posted by Hello


Here's a rare commodity:
a corporation that scores
big marketing and ethics points
in three major areas--

* TV commercial

* Web site

* Core Beliefs & Values

I just got blown away by the new
Earthlink television commercial.

Two women at kitchen table talking.
Woman A is criticizing Woman B.
"The other ladies are concerned about you."
Catty complaining over coffee.

Woman B has a "dangerous looking"
ball or globe or whatever (see photo)
orbiting, circling around, her head.

This is science fiction, avant garde
advertising at its best, and it also
conveys, in a remarkably memorable manner,
desirable benefits and problem solving aspects
of the product: Earthlink ISP
(Internet Service Provider).

I have seen this TV commercial only once,
but I have one strong impression in my mind:
the orbiting mini-planet is not dangerous,
but Identity Theft is, and Earthlink has
something that can prevent this crime
from being foisted on you.

I honestly don't recall much more.

But that's not bad for seeing just it once.

I remember their company name.
I remember their product.
I remember their logo (orbit & woman).
I remember one or two product benefits.
I remember their creativity.
I remember their innovation.

I remember their "rebelliousness"
(the woman with the orbiting globe
seems "different" but secure and
confident, asserting her secret.)

I crave a repeat viewing of this commercial.

I have a video cassette ready in my VCR
so I can record it and study it in
greater detail. It's bizarre.

Earthlink entertains me, shocks me,
amuses me, informs me, impresses me
pleases me with this new TV commercial.

So I went to their web site.

(For a more detailed review,
check Vaspers the Grate.
Soon I will have a brief
analysis of their site:

Earthlink Web Site comments:

A wonderful "About Earthlink" page,
with a wide range of sub-categories
such as:

* Subscriber Benefits
* Our History
* Contact Us
* Investor Relations
* Our Leadership
* Awards
* Global Internet Alliance
* Policies & Agreements
* Refer a Friend
* Press Room

...and more.

Under "Our History" I found:


Core Values & Beliefs

What's important at EarthLink?

We are convinced that the key
to creating a truly great
organization is an intense
focus on the values that
guide its people's actions.

These are EarthLink's
"Core Values and Beliefs".

If we don't seem to be
living up to them, call us on it!

We respect the individual, and
believe that individuals who are treated
with respect and given responsibility
respond by giving their best.

We require complete honesty and
integrity in everything we do.

We make commitments with care,
and then live up to them.

In all things, we do what
we say we are going to do.

Work is an important part of life,
and it should be fun.

Being a good businessperson does not
mean being stuffy and boring.

We love to compete, and we believe that
competition brings out the best in us.

We are frugal. We guard and conserve
the company's resources with at least
the same vigilance that we would use to
guard and conserve our own personal resources.

We insist on giving our best effort in
everything we undertake.

Furthermore, we see a huge difference
between "good mistakes"
(best effort, bad result)
and "bad mistakes"
(sloppiness or lack of effort).

Clarity in understanding our mission,
our goals, and what we expect from
each other is critical to our success.

We are believers in the Golden Rule.

In all our dealings we will strive to
be friendly and courteous, as well as
fair and compassionate.

We feel a sense of urgency on any matters
related to our customers.

We own problems and we are always responsive.

We are customer-driven.


I don't use Earthlink, and don't plan to.

I'm happy with my current ISP.

But if I ever become dissatisfied,

I'll start satelliting around their planet

to discover more realms within Earthlink.

Thanks for the user-friendliness, Earthlink!


Atomic Bombshell said...

I was quite surprised to find such fun, fresh marketing coming from the rabid Scientologists over at Earthlink.

steven edward streight said...

I don't know if Earthlink is loaded with rabid Scientologists or not (but I will investigate this allegation), but one thing I do know for sure:

Earthlink has great TV commericials, web site, and core values.

I don't care if they're Buddhists, Deconstructionists, Jains, Swedenborgians, Lutherans, Jehovah's Witnesses, Quakers, Krishnamurtians, Vaspersians, or Secular Humanists--they rock when it comes to marketing, which is one of the only areas on which I'm somewhat qualified to remark.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment, Kiki. You are cool in my book!