Saturday, June 02, 2012

All About the Arts campaign

During the month of October 2012, the Central Illinois arts community is planning a series of arts-related activities that will coincide with National Arts and Humanities Month and the grand opening of the Peoria Riverfront Museum.

ArtsPartners is encouraging local artists to send us colorful, dramatic images of you caught in the act of expressing your own art form.

We are also looking for business people to provide us a photo of them doing their thing, even if it's not traditionally considered "art". We believe there is something creative and aesthetically-pleasing about any job that's done with skill and enthusiasm.

Along with your photo, please send us a clever, one-sentence action statement that describes what the arts do for you (vs. just describing the arts) starting with the words "The Arts..."

The statement should be catchy and tie in with what you're doing in your picture.


A dancer leaping, with the statement "The Arts give my heart wings."

A chef sprinkling curry powder into a pot of chili, saying "The Arts spice up our lives."

A lawyer in court, with the phrase "The Arts help us judge true beauty."

A bus driver behind the wheel, saying "The Arts transport us to new realms."

This statement can be insightful, poetic, inspirational, or humorous. The sky is the limit in terms of the statement you send us.

If you don’t have a photo and need us to send a photographer your way, let us know, as several photographers have volunteered to take the photos.

If you can’t think of a catchy statement to go along with your photo, send us your photo anyway. Our creative team will come up with some catchy statements.

Send your photos and statements, or requests for more information, to: