Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Psychologically Unsound 15 Second Sitcoms

Ads That Simply Entertain Are A Waste of Money Posted by Hello

We've all seen them.

Television commerical ads that seem like 15 second sitcoms.

A recent large airline company commercial shows a black guy trying to remember his new son-in-law's name, he thinks it starts with a "B." His wife, who, being a woman, is supposedly better at remembering family type stuff, keeps saying "No" to his guesses as they make their way to the airplane.

Finally, somehow, an airline ticket taker, also female, says (is she a psychic?) the correct name.

Maybe I need to see this again to understand how the ticket taker knew the name.

But no matter how many times I view this commercial, I'll never arrive at a good reason to use American Airlines, or whatever the airline was. Even that fact is fuzzy in my mind.

So many television commercials, radio spots, and print ads are pulling similar shenanigans, and some poor sap is signing off on them. Some dumb corporate advertising manager is thinking they got their money's worth. Now, that's a real joke.

Listen up people: this is lame, idiotic, ineffectual advertising.

I'm being harsh here for a reason.

It's not funny that terrorists used commercial airlines to attack the United States. It's not funny that some major airlines are facing possible bankruptcy. It's not funny that customers have to go through wearisome security checks. It's not funny that some customers are humiliated during security checks. It's not funny that bombs and guns and knives still slip past security checks. It's not funny that armed air marshalls may be required on board.

So why try to make light humor of boarding a plane. You do not see the couple, in this commercial, going through any security checks. Not that you must show this, but to instead show the guy trying to remember his new son-in-law's name? This is pathetic nonsensical advertising, and it happens all the time on television.

You may be able to make a micro-sitcom commercial work, I mean, make it create a powerful impression of why I should choose your product or service over all your competitors.

But I can't recall any recently that were successful from a Mentally Correct Marketing standpoint.

THEREFORE: if you want me to laugh, make a commercial that causes me to laugh at people who don't use your product, so I feel justified and smart when I buy it.


Atomic Bombshell said...

I have to agree with you. I've noticed the proliferation of useless ads, especially recently. And all I can think is - Man, these media companies are making money off these suckers, because NOBODY cares or even realizes what they're selling. It's really a waste.

steven edward streight said...

On a related note, a bit off topic, but anyway: I'm getting ready to sue Publishers Clearing House.

I am putting the documentation together now. I'll post an article about this soon. I tried to "unsubscribe" from their spammy email list, but the function was broken, it was impossible to unsubscribe.

I sent two or three angry emails demanding they remove my email address. They said they had no record of my email address, then said they needed 10 days to remove it.

It's been about 20 days and my inbox is contaminated with their shit every day. Sorry about the language, but this PCH is a dysfunctional operation.

This big company ignores and mocks me? We'll see about that. I will let the FTC know about it.