Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Derrida documentary film

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Yes, according to the description
at the Blockbuster.com web site,
in this film, Jacques Derrida
does indeed "deconstruct himself",
that is, analyzes his own
previous interviews.

Here it is folks, Jacques Derrida
in his own words. The leading,
and perhaps most controversial
, of the 20th Century.

Did Derrida really say
there is no "absolute truth"?

Well, I know that when asked
about O.J. Simpson, Derrida
simply said that only O.J.
knows for sure if O.J. is
guilty or innocent.

That's all he said, at least
in the press statement I read.

And that paragraph above
illustrates how Derrida claimed
that "truth", as used in philosophy
at any rate, depends greatly on
the intersections of various texts
and their contexts.

It is true that that is all
Derrida said about O.J. Simpson
...in that particular moment,
according to that particular report,
by that particular journalist.

Derrida may have said many other
things regarding O.J. Simpson.
I don't know.

This is very different from
saying "there is no absolute truth."

O.J. absolutely did...
or did not...
kill that woman.

Bill Clinton absolutely did...
or did not...
"have sex with that woman."

The definition of "is" is "is"!

"Is" was "is", will be "is",
and is "is". Okay?

How does all this affect
Mentally Correct Marketing?

Derrida's analysis has major
benefits for marketing strategy
and advertising critiques.

Once you follow Derrida as he
uses, say, Freud against Freud
(as one example of
"text against text"),

showing how all textual empires
crumble from hidden flaws,
contradictions and inconsistencies,

it's easier to deconstruct a
mundane television commercial.

I love Derrida's books, and I
will soon view this
documentary film.

Though I may not agree with
all Derrida's opinions,
I do admire his analytical
methodology, the choices he
made for philosophical texts
to rigorously examine and
critique, and just the writing
style he employs.

Just check out my Derrida quote
and my commentary on it over at
my Vaspers the Grate blog,
the article "Blogs as
Deconstructionist Monsters

What Derrida says about
new forms of art, new media,
new anything being typically
perceived, at first, as
"monstrosities" is funny,
yet sadly accurate.

Derrida, the most difficult writer
I've ever read (with the possible
exception of Jacques Lacan), and yet,
at the same time, my favorite author
of all time (with the possible
exception of Proust).

We miss you JD.

Death is itself going
to be deconstructed
[if you know what I mean].

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