Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Thinking Outside the Brainwashing Box

Mentally Correct Marketing consists of Thinking Outside the Brainwashing Box.

Here are some examples:


A church serves communion...with oyster crackers. You know, those little oval crackers you put in chilli. It makes you want to laugh, or knock them out of the usher's hand and crush them underfoot, whilst loudly proclaiming, "That's it. I can't stand any more disrespect and sacrilege."


Notice all the resignations in the United States government, secretary of this and secretary of that, and now the head of Homeland Security? And what is the reason they're giving? "I want to spend more time with my family."

How stupid and blindly obedient do these chumps think we are?

We know they didn't suddenly turn into family lovers.

Why can't they be honest and say, "It's not fun anymore" or "Honestly folks, I'm burnt out" or "I'm not the right person for this job. I'm interested in pursuing more lucrative private sector work"?


It's funny to see the big mainstream media chumps resign right after being exposed as liars, incompetent journalists, and political hacks.

It's also funny to note that their resignations occur right after they got together in a little pow wow and condemned the "bloggers sitting at their computers in pajamas" as though what a blogger wears has something to do with their credibility.


We have to think for ourselves when it comes to health products and services.

The pharmaceutical companies, many doctors and medical associations, and perhaps the liquor industry, are against the legalization of medical or recreational marihuana.

This is bad news for sufferers who gain no relief from "orthodox" mainstream medical practice.

The anti-drug groups express fears that people will abuse marihuana, but fail to notice all the abuse of allergy medicine, prescription pain killers, etc., and the massive doping of children with Ritalin, Prozac, and Dexedrine, as a "cure" for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

I think the children need less television, no video games, healthier diets, more outdoor exercise, and more compassionate discipline, not "mood drugs".

The recreational drug solution is simple and obvious: make any drug or alcohol related crime more punitive.

Be less forgiving as a society when someone causes damage or injury when intoxicated by anything, from sugared/fatty junk food to heroin.

The message would then be: if you get intoxicated, don't drive or operate heavy machinery or do anything that could endanger yourself or others.

But don't make the intoxication itself a crime...

...unless you want to make gluttony a crime, since overeating and poor diets result in higher health care costs and personal problems of obesity and increased health risks.

Vioxx has proven, along with other medicines that were sold then banned, that we cannot trust the FDA or doctors or the greedy pharmaceutical industry.

We can appreciate the good these groups do, but we must be wary of their imperfections and even sinister agendas.

It seems to me that marihuana is condemned largely due to how growing a simple plant in your garden or attic would result in huge financial losses to pharmaceutical companies. The side effects and "dangers" of marihuana pale in comparison to many other "approved" medicines.


How funny it is to hear that prisoners in G-Bay, Cuba, suspected terrorists, are being tortured with loud, incessant rap music.

There's nothing funny about torture, and the USA is supposed to be more civilized and moral than our terrorist enemies.

When people say, "They deserve it, they're terrorists, they want to kill more Americans, they are less than human" it makes me shudder.

That kind of talk is not patriotic, not representative of true American values.

We cannot fight the Taliban by becoming like the Taliban. If we become just as nasty, barbaric, and immoral as our enemies, do we deserve to win?

But what is funny to me is the use of rap music. To me, rap music is torture. Not black music per se, I like soul music.

And some forms of rock, dinosaur rock, outmoded bands that stick to plain old rock and roll or heavy/death metal, like AC/DC, Metallica, growl and scream bands, or Aerosmith, they're torture, too.

I wonder if any of the still living rap artists, the ones who haven't shot or stabbed each other, have anything to say about being labeled "torture" to listen to?

I suggest we use opera music. That's even more torturous than rap or old fashioned rock music.

But we must not use any music in an inhumane manner. Just enough to make them confess.

To be forced to listen to gangster rap, heavy metal, growl'n'scream punk, or operatic music 24 hours a day, seven days a week...well, that's a fate worse than death.

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