Saturday, January 01, 2005

Products That Market Themselves


Here's anecdotal evidence to demonstrate
how some products can market themselves.

If you visit the K-Swiss tennis shoe
web site at
you'll discover, in their About K-Swiss
page, that they "do not pay
millions of dollars to" athletes
or sports stars to endorse their products.

This is revolutionary news.

The K-Swiss company tells shoppers
that one pair of their shoes will
convince you to become a loyal customer.

They ask you to put your own
"spin" on the shoes and their quality.

It's absolutely true.

Once you own a pair, you are hooked.

I bought a pair of "Classic" style
K-Swiss flat bottom leather tennis
shoes several years ago.

I wish I could tell you exactly
how long ago, but I think it was
about 6 years ago.

They would not die.

They did not fall apart.

I walked the daylights out of them.

I mowed the grass wearing them.

I walked 4 to 10 miles at a time.

I tromped through snow and mud.

They got soaked, then dried harshly
in the heat of my apartment.

They maintained their integrity.

Eventually, the rubber soles were so
worn, I had to buy a new pair.

The leather upper portion of the shoes
was scuffed and stained, but not
compromised, not torn, no holes,
no unravelling of thread, nothing.

The stitches stayed stitched.

The leather remained intact.

I actually considered giving them
a decent burial, they seemed so much
like dear, faithful friends.

I was now a fiercely loyal lifetime
evangelist of the K-Swiss brand shoe.

Today I bought a new pair of K-Swiss
white leather "low" cut (free ankle)
"Kendis" style tennis shoes.

Only $49.

Other brands were on sale, but
I didn't bother wasting my time.

I knew what brand I wanted: K-Swiss.

When I tried them on, instantly
they felt cushy, luxuriously good.

They felt sturdy and balanced.

They look very sharp.

I will tell everyone I know about
how much I like K-Swiss shoes.

No other brand of tennis shoe
interests me in the slightest.

I wrote an email to K-Swiss
customer service telling them
what I've divulged in this post.

The K-Swiss shoes market themselves.

This is the essence of
Mentally Correct Marketing.

Produce a product that is so good
and so reasonably priced, they
sell themselves via word of mouth.

Try on a pair of K-Swiss shoes.
You won't want to take them off.

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