Sunday, September 26, 2004

MC vs. PU copywriting Posted by Hello


Atomic Bombshell said...

Thanks for your words and graphics. I'm a marketing professional and I strive to live up to this type of standard, but I am constantly thwarted by top management who live by a different creed. Frustrating.

steven edward streight said...

Kiki, hang in there.

Maybe someone will come into your organization and recognize your superior ideas. Or maybe you can dig around for research that supports the Mentally Correct Marketing type approach to copywriting (not necessarily my brand name, but the general ideas).

Then again, you could convince them to test your ideas against their viewpoint. You know, the old A/B split test.

Also, perhaps you'll someday move on to a company that seriously wants big, measureably improved results from their advertising and marketing promotions.

Best wishes to you. Keep doing the best work you can. Your portfolio is counting on it! :^]