Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Mentally Correct Product Promo Priorities

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Product Promotion Priorities:

1. Mind wants to get rid of problems.
(Your product solves them.)

BUT...if mind sees no pressing problems...

2. Mind wants to accumulate benefits.
(Your product provides them.)

BUT...if mind is satiated with benefits...

3. Mind wants to enhance life.
(Your product offers improvement.)

BUT...if mind sees no room for progress...

4. Mind wants to make money.
(Your product increases income.)

BUT...if mind has more money than it can use...

5. Mind wants to reduce costs.
(Your product economizes, controls waste.)

BUT...if mind sees super-abundance not threatened by leaking...

6. Mind wants to generate good will.
(Your product causes admiration.)

BECAUSE...mind can never have enough love.

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